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Day 2
Silk Wall, 1/2/08

A favorite place of mine to enjoy a drink and some really great Pho Ga is Silk, a restaurant in downtown Portland. This is a photo of the plaster wall in the lounge.



  1. Interesting abstract, nice texture.

    BTW:good luck on your project!

  2. Thanks canadian!

  3. This is a beautiful abstract. Looks more like chocolate than plaster 😉

    Good luck on the project from a fellow 365er! 🙂

  4. Nice shot, love the texture.

  5. I agree with the others – nice execution on color.

    Good luck from yet another 365’er

  6. I actually thought that was material! I want my walls to look like that!!!

  7. When I read it was a favorite place to enjoy a drink, I thought I was looking at a sandy dune. Nice abstract of a concrete material.

  8. Thanks everyone. It is a pretty cool wall.

  9. So abstract! Almost as if it is moving away.

  10. That’s a very cool shot. Must be a great place to sit.

    No, my similar photo was taken at Group Health HQ in Seattle.

    and while I’m at it…thanks VERY much for your generous comments…much appreciated!

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