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Day 6
Mickeytini, 12/6/08

A Sapphire martini in a Mickey Mouse glass – that’s me.



  1. Excellent shot and good drink!

  2. The drink itself calls me to comment – I absolutely love photos of martinis! This is what I dig about this one in particular:
    The blurred crystal bulbous thing on that lamp diametrically (dis)similar to the martini glass itself; the practical pretzel sitting on a lovely little cloth napkin; the elegant glass coaster; best of all, the irony of the deliciously intoxicating, three-olive martini served up in a crystal representing the Happiest Place on Earth. Love it.

  3. Thanks wildstorm!

    Hey Derryn, Tanner is offended – you didn’t even mention him in the background. 🙂 Glad you like the photo!

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