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Day 15
Tomb Warriors, 1/15/08

In Epcot’s China pavilion is an exhibit called Tomb Warriors: Guardian Spirits of Ancient China. It’s pretty cool. This text is from a sign in the exhibit: The very first act of Qin Shi Huang (before he was emperor) was to make preparations for the afterlife by beginning construction of his tomb. Over a period of 36 years, 700,000 laborers constructed a vast underground city that included a massive palace and a life-size terra cotta army. This army was comprised of over 7,000 cavalry troops, chariots and horses. The tomb has been dubbed “Necropolis” or “metropolis of the dead”.

Learn more about Emperor Qin’s tomb here.



  1. In some way, I guess we all spend our whole lives preparing for our death, Qin was just more obvious about it. Like a previous photo, I cannot tell the size of these characters and again, I like it that way. The background color being the same as the foreground makes it even that much more intriguing.

  2. They are smaller than the lifesize ones they are modeled after, but I won’t tell you how tall (since you like not knowing!).

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