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Day 24
Off-Center, 1/24/08

I had to take my camera in to be repaired because the sensor is scratched (more about that here). They told me it will be six to eight weeks before I get it back. In the meantime I am going to have to use my old camera, a Fuji S5000. I am really bummed. I’ve heard a good photographer should be able to take good photos with any kind of camera. It’ll be interesting to see what I learn in the next couple of months.



  1. Ya know what I like about this photo? Aside from the different (almost obverse) materials resting together so beautifully, I like the fact that, while you wrote “It’ll be interesting to see…”, it actually looks like hasp is ‘thinking’ the same thing.

  2. Each time I look at this I see a cartoon of a cow or pig snot first off.
    It’s beautiful and it tickles me.

  3. That should read, SNOUT. oops

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