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Day 43
Fish, 2/12/08

This little guy seemed as interested in me (or my camera) as I was in him. He kept following me around the aquarium.

I bought a new lens before I went to Vegas, a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. It’s a great lens but I need to play with it more. I am not used to a prime lens (not telephoto) and found it difficult to get the composition that I wanted. Also, the 50mm gave me tighter shots than I had imagined it would. But it’s lightning fast and SO much lighter to carry than my 18-200VR lens. It was great for the aquarium shots I took. Good thing I’m working on this project. I’ll have lots of opportunity for practice!



  1. He’s cute, I enjoyed your photography, you’re very good!

  2. Thanks bookbabie!

  3. I love my 50mm f/1.8! Yep, using a prime you have to use your feet to zoom in and out. 🙂 Also, makes you think more which is a good thing.

    Oh, and you should try having the 80-400 VR around your neck. Just picked one up and it’s very heavy lens. Makes the 18-200 VR seem light.

  4. Nice shot.

    I had my 50mm prime on the camera the other day and my wife asked me “how do I zoom this? I can fit both of you in the shot.” Funny how we get used the zoom.

  5. Boomp Boomp Diddem Daddem Waddum Chew!!

  6. Ha ha! It took me a minute. I sang it as I read it though.

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