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Lighthouse Lens
Now That’s a Lens, 2/26/08

We walked up 114 steps to the top of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. I didn’t even notice going up the steps for all the photos I was taking. This lens is made up of more than 200 individual panes of glass. It was amazingly cool to be inside of it.

Lighted Staircase  Yaquina Head Lighthouse  Hallway  Spiral



  1. Very nice. I particularly like the spiral staircase photos – they really give the sense of climbing the lighthouse

  2. Thank you Patty.

  3. Really cool pattern in this picture! You have some great photographs. I hope you’ll take the time to submit your work to my site. It’s a place for photographers to upload their pictures to be voted on by the community.

  4. That is quite a lens! Would make a great cover for a photo essay.

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