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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Day 82 - Carousel
Jantzen Beach Carousel, 3/28/08

When Jantzen Beach Amusement Park opened in 1928, it was the biggest amusement park in the country. Sadly, this carousel is all that is left of it. Even sadder, it is currently housed in a shopping mall. I think that is why the horses appear to be in such anguish!

I love amusement parks. I grew up in Ohio, not far from Cedar Point, so roller coasters are in my blood! We don’t have any good amusement parks in the Pacific Northwest. That’s one of the few faults I can find with living in Oregon.

Day 81 - adidas
adidas, 3/27/08

Everyone knows Portland is Nike town, but did you know that adidas also calls Portland home? This window shot is from the adidas Village Corporate Headquarters on N Greeley.

Day 80 - After the Rain
After the Rain, 3/26/08

Lupine leaves following a spring shower. I never noticed the pink and yellow centers before. I think these leaves are pretty enough to be flowers themselves.

Day 79 - Ankeny Square
Ankeny Square, 3/24/08

Home to Saturday Market on the weekends, Ankeny Plaza was at one time the city center of Portland.

Day 78 - Fire Escape
Fire Escape, 3/22/08

Day 77 - Convention Center
Convention Center, 3/21/08

Glass spires of the Oregon Convention Center at dusk.

Day 76 - Wapato Access Greenway
Wapato Access Greenway, 3/19/08

On Wednesdays, Sutree and I try to get out and go hiking somewhere. Today we spent the day on Sauvie Island. It was fabulous. We spent about 2.5 hours hiking around the Wapato Access Greenway. It’s the first time I’ve been there and I can’t wait to go back – I loved it!

We saw dozens of garter snakes and all kinds of birds. Then we drove around the island, stopping of at several of the wildlife area trails. Unfortunately, the trails are all closed until April 15 but now we know where to find them for next time. It was one of my favorite Wednesdays yet.

 Sauvie Island 11  Sauvie Island 6  Sauvie Island 1  
 Sauvie Island 10  Sauvie Island 5  Sauvie Island 4  Sauvie Island 3

Day 75 - In the Pink
In the Pink, 3/18/08

This Red-flowering Currant is one of my favorite shrubs. I always look forward to when it is in bloom. I don’t care too much for it’s smell though. For this reason I think it is best viewed from afar!

Day 74 - Finial
Finial, 3/17/08

Day 73 - Scarlet Letter
Scarlet Letter, 3/16/08