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Day 61
Glass Ceiling, 3/3/03

This is the ceiling at Lloyd Center. I ran in to pick up some prints I had sent in and quickly snapped a few pictures on my way out. Had I spent more time thinking about them before clicking, I think I could have had some pretty interesting photos. I can really tell the difference when I rush a shot. That’s probably the best lesson I have learned so far from this project.



  1. I can see how there would have been some good shots with that roof. The one you got is still good. You get such a great variety in your project. I always enjoy having a look.

  2. Thanks – I’m glad you like the variety. I try to mix it up as much as I can.

  3. I try too, but I still don’t get very much. 😦 Ah well. I am still enjoying the challenge.

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