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Day 68 - Steel Wall
Steel Wall, 3/11/08

Located in Tanner Springs Park is this beautiful curving steel wall. It rises 12 feet out of the water below and is made of railroad rails from old train tracks in this region.



  1. What beautiful art work. The angles defy my sense of perspective. I’m sorry I can’t comment of the photography process with your pics, knowing nothing about the subject. But what and how you capture your world always makes me think, whether I comment or not.

  2. Thanks Derryn. You don’t really need to know anything about photography, just need to know what you like. I’m glad you’re enjoying some of my photos.

  3. 1. this is an excellent (and very creative) shot
    2. i am ashamed of myself for not responding sooner to your very generous comments on my photos.
    3. i haven’t written any tutorials, but to tell you the truth, there are some really good ones to be found by googling.
    4. i am in the midst of writing a course outline for a class on “how to see” as a photographer. it’s moving along slowly, but if you’re willing to give candid & honest feedback, i’d be willing to share a draft…when it’s ready.
    5. i’m not showing (yet) in Seattle, but am working towards that. I expect to have a small group of prints hanging in a hair salon in about two months. The salon owner rotates artwork through her space on a monthly basis and participates in First Thursday Art Walk.
    Thank you again for what is most likely the best comment i’ve ever received./Megan

  4. This is amazing and I need to locate this spot! A JPGer took a shot similar to this too, but I like yours much better 😉

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