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Paris, Las Vegas
Paris, Las Vegas, 6/28/08

Another photo from the famous Las Vegas strip.



  1. Gorgeous!
    I love the way it looks hyper-real and completely unreal/surreal. It’s something about the way the colors pop out, and the sharpness of the boundaries of the light hitting the dark. I like the perspective, too.

  2. Thanks B! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days!

  3. this is terrific! i’m new to photography and am wondering… do you use a tripod for shots like these? i want to learn to take night shots. i’ve read tripod is necessary, but do people really lug around the tripod in vegas?

  4. Thank you! Yes, I did use a tripod for this shot. It’s not that convenient to carry a tripod around Vegas so when I took this I made a special trip out that night just to take photographs. Since that was all I was doing, I didn’t mind having to carry the tripod. It helps that I have a nice small one that’s not too heavy.

  5. cool. thanks for the tip! it seems like such a pain to set up and such. but then again, i just bought one so it’s prolly cuz i’m not used to it… yet. ;p

  6. stunning shot..hope to see more..

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