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Carnival Dreams
Carnival Dreams, 7/22/08

I am in Michigan right now. I work at a music festival there every summer and spend 5 weeks camping. There’s no internet access in my tent – damn! In fact, I have to drive 40 minutes away to get online. So there won’t be many posts here until I get home in late August.

I did get a chance to slip away to the county fair one evening. I wanted to practice panning again and decided to use this little train as my subject. Because the track was curved, I got some interesting effects. This was my favorite from the evening. It’s kind of dreamlike and trippy.

I had fun playing with my camera, moving it to create unusual and abstract photos. Here are a couple more.

Runaway Train
Runaway Train, 7/22/08

Abstract, 7/22/08


One Comment

  1. This look wild, Barrie! Great job!

    Hope the weather hasn’t been to severe. I’ve seen some wicked fronts come out of Michigan the last couple of weeks which did some damage around upstate NY.

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