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Saturday Night at Michfest
This Beautiful Night, 8/9/08

Night Stage, Saturday night at the 2008 Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.



  1. Hi Barrie.
    I´m portuguese, and a like your photos. Your blog is also very helpfull to me. I visit it a lot.

    I have a link direct to your “365 days …” in my new space on the blogos.

    Hope you don´t mind.

  2. NOICE! Good lord that’s a great shot. Any chance I can purchase a framed copy of this photo?

  3. Joao – that’s great! Of course I don’t mind. I’m glad you enjoy visiting.

    Derryn – This was my one good shot from fest this year. I’m working on getting a new gallery set up on Smugmug where I can sell my images. It should be ready sometime in late fall/early winter.

  4. Good morning from a rainy Brooklyn … your gorgeous shot of night stage is the best part of the day so far.
    And congrats on the WDW book!!

  5. Barrie – this is such a fabulous photograph! and of such a beautiful place. thanks. i’ll be looking at smugmug …
    happy travels, safe journey there, safe journey home

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