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Belle, 8/27/08

This is our new puppy, Belle! She’s a Chin-Poo, which is a cross between a Japanese Chin and a Poodle. That doesn’t really matter to us though, we just think she’s sweet and adorable. She’s about 5 months old.

Sutree, Belle and Tyler
The Siblings, 8/27/08

Here’s Sutree, Belle and Tyler in Manzanita. We spent our first day together at the beach. Tyler loves having another dog to play with. Even though she’s so little they play together really well. Sutree plays nice too!



  1. In researching the breed, Chin-Poo I came across your pics and she is gorgeous. I just bought one as my kids and wife fell in love with the breed. Ours, Eli, is a boy and all black. he is very calm and a mush! I was wondering how big the breed gets? The picture you posted show Belle to be about 10-12lbs is that the biggest they get? Thanks.

    Happy Holidays.


    • I have a chin poo too. His name is Luca and he just turned 1. He is WONDERFUL and weighs just under 13 pounds. His legs are long though and he can jump alomst 5 ft straight up. If I can figure out how. I will post a photo.

        • Barrie
        • Posted March 25, 2009 at 6:24 am
        • Permalink

        Wow – that’s quite a jump!

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