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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Venetian Memory, 5/21/08

I’ve been going through my photos from our trip to Europe in the spring, trying to get prints made of some of my favorites.┬áThe first that I printed are the ones from Venice. Our trip was three weeks long and we spent three days of that in this beautiful city. I love looking at all the photos, but it’s also a little torturous. It’s really making me want to go again!


Green Heron
Green Heron, 10/15/08

This past Wednesday, Sutree and I went to the Oregon Garden where we were lucky enough to see this Green Heron.

Towering Trees
Towering Trees, 9/26/07

I finally set up a SmugMug account and am very slowly adding photos to it. It’s fun looking through photos I’ve taken over the last few years. I’m discovering some that I had forgotten about – like this one from Silver Falls State Park.

Blue Bike
Blue Bike, 9/24/08