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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Portland Cityscape
Portland Cityscape, 2/7/09

This is another photo from my class field trip. I’ve tried to get a good shot of this scene numerous times over the years, but it never came out the way I saw it. This time I feel like I nailed it. I don’t mean that it’s a perfect shot, but that I was able to make the camera see what I saw. That was pretty satisfying! I’m quite happy with this photo. Oh, this is the Portland skyline from the east bank of the Willamette River.


TMI, 2/7/09

Up until now, everything I’ve learned about photography has been from reading and trial and error. But there’s only so much you can learn without being able to talk about it with someone who knows. That’s why I’m so excited to finally be taking a photography class.¬†

This photo was taken during our class “field trip” to downtown Portland. I take photos downtown all the time, so for me, it wasn’t what I had in mind for a field trip. It was fun though and I was happy with¬†several of the shots I brought home. This one was taken on the Hawthorne Bridge.

Pears, 2/16/09

This is a still life photo of some pears that I took today. I was practicing for my class and I thought this one came out kind of nice.