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Reflections of Spaceship Earth
Reflections of Spaceship Earth, 10/15/07

I won! My photo of Spaceship Earth at Epcot was chosen as Photo of the Year on The prize is 100 Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points. For you folks who aren’t familiar with DVC, it’s like winning a week’s vacation at one of Walt Disney World’s finest resorts. That’s a pretty fabulous prize for Disney World fan like me!

Completely by chance, this photo is also being published this month on the cover of a pharmacuetical journal – I know, go figure. It was also my Pic of the Week recently on another blog I contribute  to, Picture This! on the AllEars website. This photo has seen a lot of action in the last couple of weeks.



  1. SWEET!!! I hope you will still remember us little guys when you are famous!

    Congrats – this is really great!

    Love ya!

    • LOL John! I could never forget you!

  2. Barrie, your night shots are mesmerizing. I’m not surprised you won this contest. Congratulations. I’m so proud of you.

    • Thanks Moley!

  3. Yippiee. Congratulations on winning. I can see why the judges liked the picture. Any plans what you are going to do with your points?

    • Not yet, but I’m sure they won’t go to waste!

  4. That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  5. Woo Hoo, Barrie! Two thumbs way up! I loved this shot when you used it on our blog. Not surprising others love it too.

    • Thanks again Scott!

  6. Congrats! It is a beautiful shot and completely deserving.

    • Thank you Toni!

  7. Congrats! What a great prize! Enjoy. We love our DVC membership.

    • Me too! DVC is great. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Way to go! Congrats all around!

  9. now this is just downright good news! and it is a otherworldly photograph deserving of much recognition.

  10. Thanks John & Kristin and Robin!

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