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Lovely Pair
Lovely Pair, 2/16/09

Did you know that pears are the state fruit of Oregon? Near Hood River, thousands of acres of pears flourish in the Columbia River Gorge beneath the snowcapped peak of Mt. Hood. Soon, the pear orchards will be in bloom with that gorgeous mountain behind them. I can’t wait!



  1. Stunning! Love the quality of light..and the texture and color of the background cloth you’ve chosen.

    • Thanks Marcie! You have a wonderful collection of photographs on your site.

  2. This is so much like an 18th century dutch still-life, right down to the colours. So rich and thoughtful. Beautiful!

    • Thank you Kate – glad you like it!

  3. oh yes! this is a beautiful ‘painting’!! they’re hugging so close.
    here from SS

    • Thanks for stopping by Robin!

  4. Bet this would look good on canvas, Barrie. Hang it right up there with the real paintings.

    • Great idea Scott! I did print it out at 16×20 for my class show and it looks nice. Want to buy it? LOL!

      • I don’t have a place for such works. You got this on your Smugmug site? Never know when your image might trigger a gift idea. 🙂

        • Barrie
        • Posted March 25, 2009 at 9:44 am
        • Permalink

        Yes, it is in my smugmug gallery. Just click on the photo in this blog and you’ll be magically transported to the photo in my gallery.

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