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Latourell Falls
The Path to Latourell Falls, 4/4/09

I am blessed to live less than 30 minutes from the Columbia River Gorge. This morning I took a ride out to the gorge hoping to get some shots of the fog before it burned off. Unfortunately, the fog lifted quickly, but I still had a wonderful time hiking and photographing some of the waterfalls. I spent quite a bit of my time at Latourell Falls, the first one I came upon.



  1. wow…could feel the calmness in the picture…great capture.

  2. Very nice shot!

  3. That’s an awesome photo! I love the light and the colors. I want to walk down that path, you’re tempting me to drive to the Gorge right now.

    • You should – it was really nice yesterday. Lots of people were out biking, hiking and taking photos. It’s so beautiful. I love how easy it is to just run out there for a little while and experience all that gorgeousness. (accidental pun!)

  4. Lovely composition, Barrie. It has just started to green up here but there’s snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

    I post a link to some great tips for photographing waterfalls recently if anyone is interested. šŸ™‚

  5. Lovely almost dreamlike image, Barrie! What is the state? By the way, liked your panning photos too! Mitch

    • Thanks Mitch – this was taken in Oregon.

  6. very nice shot of these waterfalls!
    The picture has a nice atmosphere..

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