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Plum Blossoms
Plum Blossoms, 3/4/08

Today I was feeling creative. This picture started out as a photograph I took of a vase of plum blossoms. I’ve also been working on setting up a store on zazzle where I am selling postcards, stamps, cards and posters that feature my photography. I added a section today for more artisic creations like this. You’ll find it listed under Product Lines in the right hand column.



  1. I really like that. There’s a Japanese-y feel to it because of the blossoms, but the text (English?) adds a different feel to it. You should create a whole series of them and sell them!

    • Thanks Top – that’s funny, this morning I was looking at it thinking I should have used Japanese characters instead of that text. I am actually working on a series of them and hope to have some ready for Last Thursday next week. I might even splurge and print one out on canvas to see how that looks.

  2. Great idea, Barrie! Came out great. I think a canvas print..or series of prints would look great in a home.

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