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Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. It’s been quite awhile since I have posted here. Unfortunately, I have learned that there just isn’t time to do everything I want to do all of the time. Lately, much of my time has been focused on living a more healthy lifestyle. It’s been really good for me, but I have found that I needed to let some things go and this blog ended up on the chopping block. I haven’t deleted it because I may just find that I feel like posting something every now and then. But until then, if you want to see my photography, please head over to my gallery. Until next time…


  1. cool photography

  2. You gave me a great tip about having mats cut at Columbia Art Supply once. I’ll miss the blog, but I’m excited to check out the gallery. I just looked at the coast photo – beautiful! Your photography is inspiring.

    • That’s really nice Deanna, thank you. Hmm, if I keep getting comments like this I might have to rethink my decision!

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