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Category Archives: Abstract

Carnival Dreams
Carnival Dreams, 7/22/08

I am in Michigan right now. I work at a music festival there every summer and spend 5 weeks camping. There’s no internet access in my tent – damn! In fact, I have to drive 40 minutes away to get online. So there won’t be many posts here until I get home in late August.

I did get a chance to slip away to the county fair one evening. I wanted to practice panning again and decided to use this little train as my subject. Because the track was curved, I got some interesting effects. This was my favorite from the evening. It’s kind of dreamlike and trippy.

I had fun playing with my camera, moving it to create unusual and abstract photos. Here are a couple more.

Runaway Train
Runaway Train, 7/22/08

Abstract, 7/22/08


Day 81 - adidas
adidas, 3/27/08

Everyone knows Portland is Nike town, but did you know that adidas also calls Portland home? This window shot is from the adidas Village Corporate Headquarters on N Greeley.

Day 68 - Steel Wall
Steel Wall, 3/11/08

Located in Tanner Springs Park is this beautiful curving steel wall. It rises 12 feet out of the water below and is made of railroad rails from old train tracks in this region.

Day 61
Glass Ceiling, 3/3/03

This is the ceiling at Lloyd Center. I ran in to pick up some prints I had sent in and quickly snapped a few pictures on my way out. Had I spent more time thinking about them before clicking, I think I could have had some pretty interesting photos. I can really tell the difference when I rush a shot. That’s probably the best lesson I have learned so far from this project.

Day 58
Leap Day, 2/29/08

Day 29
Two by Two, 1/29/08

Day 2
Silk Wall, 1/2/08

A favorite place of mine to enjoy a drink and some really great Pho Ga is Silk, a restaurant in downtown Portland. This is a photo of the plaster wall in the lounge.