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Paris, Las Vegas
Paris, Las Vegas, 6/28/08

Another photo from the famous Las Vegas strip.

Vegas, On the Move
Vegas, On the Move, 6/28/08

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend. I didn’t spend nearly as much time taking photographs as I thought I would. It was incredibly hot and jam-packed with people. On top of that, I was having an awful time of it with allegeries. But I did get out with my camera and tripod one night. This was my favorite shot of the whole trip. It’s not your typical Vegas strip shot, but it totally says Vegas to me.

Day 44.5
Infinity, 2/14/08

Oops – I just realized that I missed posting my 2/14 photo. This was taken in the bath of the penthouse suite at Ceasars. What a nice morning that was!

Las Vegas Skyline
Ceasars Penthouse View, 2/13/08

When it was time to leave Las Vegas there were 60 mile per hour winds and the airport shut down. They told us it would be at least two hours before we could take off. The high wind warning actually went til 6pm the next day, so rather than risk having to spend the night in the airport we decided to get a room for the night. We ended up at Ceasars.

After checking in, the guy at the desk told us that because we had had bad luck at the airport they were upgrading us to a suite on the penthouse level of the hotel – woohoo!  It was on the 28th floor and we had to use our room key in the elevator to even access the floor. The suite was amazing. 

We entered into a small foyer with a full bathroom off of it. Then we walked into the living room that was decorated beautifully. It had a wetbar and a big huge flat screen tv. A computer touch screen operated the tv and satellite radio which had speakers built into the ceiling. A table and chairs sat in front of a huge picture window.

The bedroom was gorgeous with a desk, a beautiful bed, a reading chair and a giant armour with another flat screen tv. It also had a huge window and both rooms had 10-12 foot ceilings.

Between the bedroom and the bathroom was a big wall of closets and drawers. When you walked past the closet the lights came on automatically. Right before the entrance to the bathroom was a built in vanity with a sink. In the bathroom was a big jacuzzi tub and yet another tv. They even had a heated towel bar. Those things are nice!

It was like the Beverly Hillbillies do Vegas! While Sutree ran around pushing buttons that did things like open the curtains, I snapped pictures from every corner. We could not believe our good fortune. What a fabulous way to end our trip. Even though we didn’t win any big jackpots, we felt like millionaires.

Day 43
Fish, 2/12/08

This little guy seemed as interested in me (or my camera) as I was in him. He kept following me around the aquarium.

I bought a new lens before I went to Vegas, a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. It’s a great lens but I need to play with it more. I am not used to a prime lens (not telephoto) and found it difficult to get the composition that I wanted. Also, the 50mm gave me tighter shots than I had imagined it would. But it’s lightning fast and SO much lighter to carry than my 18-200VR lens. It was great for the aquarium shots I took. Good thing I’m working on this project. I’ll have lots of opportunity for practice!

Day 42
Strawberry Decadence, 2/11/08

Everywhere you turn there is amazingly yummy food in Vegas. This looked especially good to me but I showed restraint!