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Category Archives: Magazines

I’ve always subscribed to a few magazines. They’re a great source for ideas and tips. As far as types that I subscribe to, I go through stages. In the past I’ve read magazines on decorating, travel and cooking. Of course, lately I’ve been picking up photography magazines.

Today I decided to subscribe to a few because Amazon is having a great sale. These are the four that I chose.

Digital PhotoPro MagazineI really like Digital PhotoPro. It’s slicker than the others and the articles are really good. Even though it’s geared towards professional photographers, there’s been a lot of practical information that I’ve been able to use as well. The photos are very inspiring. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the others, I like it best.

Outdoor Photographer MagazineOutdoor Photographer is another favorite. It’s packed with great information. I look forward to every new issue coming out. Even if outdoor photography is not what you are most interested in, you’ll learn a lot of useful techniques from this magazine. And at under $15 you can’t beat it.

Shutterbug MagazineThere’s a really great deal on the Shutterbug subscription – only $12 for 12 issues. I find this magazine hit or miss. There have been issues that I have really liked. They were full of informative articles and great photos. Other times I have wished I spent my money elsewhere because I felt bogged down by the ads. But for $1 per issue, I’m not worried about the occassional misses.

Popular Photography MagazinePopular Photography falls into the same category as Shutterbug for me, only with fewer hits. I find this magazine to be way too full of ads. Sometimes it’s just too obvious that their main goal is to sell things. But every once in awhile I’ll find something that makes it worth the $1.17 per issue price so I put this one on my subscription list as well.

There have been a few others that I have liked looking through but these are the ones I consistently purchase. Does anyone have any other recommendations to add?