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Category Archives: Michigan

Saturday Night at Michfest
This Beautiful Night, 8/9/08

Night Stage, Saturday night at the 2008 Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.


Boardwalk, 7/20/08

This is part of the Island trail that winds its way along Hamlin Lake at the Ludington State Park in Ludington, Michigan. Along the trail there are a number of boardwalk paths that lead through the wet marshlands of the lake. It’s a beautiful park.

Trail Map
Click on map to see larger version of trail guide.

Carnival Dreams
Carnival Dreams, 7/22/08

I am in Michigan right now. I work at a music festival there every summer and spend 5 weeks camping. There’s no internet access in my tent – damn! In fact, I have to drive 40 minutes away to get online. So there won’t be many posts here until I get home in late August.

I did get a chance to slip away to the county fair one evening. I wanted to practice panning again and decided to use this little train as my subject. Because the track was curved, I got some interesting effects. This was my favorite from the evening. It’s kind of dreamlike and trippy.

I had fun playing with my camera, moving it to create unusual and abstract photos. Here are a couple more.

Runaway Train
Runaway Train, 7/22/08

Abstract, 7/22/08

The Dock in Black and White
The Dock on Emerson Lake, 5/27/07

Today’s photo is from a place that I hold very dear in my heart. Every summer I spend a little time on this small lake in Walhalla, Michigan.