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Category Archives: Monthly Wrap Up

February Mosaic

Another month has gone by, just like that! I missed one day. That bugs me but I guess it’s ok. All in all, it was a good month. I went to Vegas and to the coast. I went on some local excursions just to take photos. I beefed up the bookstore a little. And we finished painting the bedroom. Not bad for February.



One thing this project is sure to do is to make it very evident just how fast time does fly! Seems likeĀ I just began taking a daily photo last week but already a full month has gone by.

It was a struggle to get a photo every single day, especially when I had to switch to a point and shoot camera*. There were several days when I realized right before bed that I hadn’t taken a photo yet. Ugh! But I did it. It feels like an accomplishment, even though I’m not especially proud of every photo.

*Beginning today I am shooting with a Nikon D80 thanks to my friends Helen and Jana. They very graciously let me borrow their camera while mine is being repaired. No more point and shoot for me! I didn’t realize how hard it would be for me to go back to using my old camera.