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Kata KT DR-467 Digital RucksackSomeone recently asked me to recommend a good camera bag for travelling and without a moment’s hesitation, I recommended the Kata KT DR-467 Digital Rucksack. I bought this bag to use on my trip to Europe and absolutely LOVE it!

It holds all of my camera gear (including my tripod!) and my laptop, with room to spare for things like travel guides, a jacket and a water bottle. And even with all of that, it’s still comfortable to carry.

It’s built really well. It has lots of pockets for organizing with zippers that are concealed. It has this cool hard padding on the outside of the camera compartment to prevent “slice and go” theft. It has a strap to secure it onto a rolling cart or suitcase handle. It’s very sturdy and I feel like my equipment is very safely stored.

The interior is bright yellow to make finding black equipment easier. The compartment that holds the camera equipment tips forward and even comes completely out if you want to remove it – which is really nice. Plus, that creates a nice hiding place underneath it for things like passports and money. It’s completely customizable with 6 velcro dividers.

It has D-rings on the straps which can be used to clip your camera to when you want to give your neck a break. Also, the chest strap has a slider so that you can adjust it to the level that fits you best. It even comes with a lightweight, custom fit rain cover that covers the entire pack.

It has a pocket on the side for a tripod or water bottle with a strap to hold the top of the tripod. When not in use, the pocket can be zipped away.

The computer compartment holds a 17″ laptop, plus a few magazines or a couple of Bryan Peterson books! There is a strong, sturdy strap on top to carry it like a hand bag which is also handy.

It easily fits into the overhead bin on planes or under your seat. I have back problems and although it was heavy with all my crap in it, I had no problem lugging it around Europe.

I did a lot of research before choosing this bag and I’m totally glad I got it. It’s perfect! Can you tell I like this bag?! Anyway – check it out. It’s one of the best purchases I have made. This is the bag I use to carry all of my camera equipment when travelling. I also have a day pack that I use when I don’t need to lug everything around. I’ll share that one in another post.