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Columbine, 5/24/09


Plum Blossoms
Plum Blossoms, 3/4/08

Today I was feeling creative. This picture started out as a photograph I took of a vase of plum blossoms. I’ve also been working on setting up a store on zazzle where I am selling postcards, stamps, cards and posters that feature my photography. I added a section today for more artisic creations like this. You’ll find it listed under Product Lines in the right hand column.

Tree Peony
Tree Peony, 5/8/09

Every once in awhile I take a photo that makes me really happy. This one makes me smile.

Another Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart, 5/4/08

Bleeding Hearts are just the coolest flower I think. What a perfect name for such an intricate blossom. Right now my spring garden is near its peak bloom and looking quite lovely. This is Coral Bells (Heuchera) on the left – one of my favorites. On the right are orange Parrot Tulips.

Coral Bells (Heuchera) Orange Parrot Tulips

Crystal Springs Park
Crystal Springs, 4/11/08

This was such a gorgeous spring day in Portland. We really needed it too. This photo is from Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, an absolutely beautiful place to spend time.

Day 80 - After the Rain
After the Rain, 3/26/08

Lupine leaves following a spring shower. I never noticed the pink and yellow centers before. I think these leaves are pretty enough to be flowers themselves.

Day 75 - In the Pink
In the Pink, 3/18/08

This Red-flowering Currant is one of my favorite shrubs. I always look forward to when it is in bloom. I don’t care too much for it’s smell though. For this reason I think it is best viewed from afar!

Day 62
Flowering Plum, 3/4/08