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Chocolate Cream Pie
Chocolate Cream Pie, 3/13/09

I’ve made a dangerous new discovery. I won a raffle last week and the prize was a freshly made pie from Random Order, a coffeehouse within walking distance of my house. They bake 22 different kinds of pie. I chose this chocolate cream pie that is made with 3 different kinds of chocolate and fresh whipped cream. Wow! It’s incredible! It tastes amazing – rich, light and creamy with a yummy, flaky crust. Oh man, I’m in trouble.


Pears, 2/16/09

This is a still life photo of some pears that I took today. I was practicing for my class and I thought this one came out kind of nice.

Day 42
Strawberry Decadence, 2/11/08

Everywhere you turn there is amazingly yummy food in Vegas. This looked especially good to me but I showed restraint!