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???, 3/3/09

Here’s a quirky photo I took the other night on our class outing. I like this, though I’m not sure why, but I haven’t been able to think of a title for it. Any suggestions?


Reflections of Spaceship Earth
Reflections of Spaceship Earth, 10/15/07

I won! My photo of Spaceship Earth at Epcot was chosen as Photo of the Year on The prize is 100 Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points. For you folks who aren’t familiar with DVC, it’s like winning a week’s vacation at one of Walt Disney World’s finest resorts. That’s a pretty fabulous prize for Disney World fan like me!

Completely by chance, this photo is also being published this month on the cover of a pharmacuetical journal – I know, go figure. It was also my Pic of the Week recently on another blog I contribute  to, Picture This! on the AllEars website. This photo has seen a lot of action in the last couple of weeks.

Keep Your Eyes on the Door
Keep Your Eyes on the Door, 3/3/09

Our final class assignment is “color”. I think this might work for blue.

MNSSHP Fireworks 4
Spectacular!, 9/23/08

Here I am in Walt Disney World again. I just can’t seem to resist the fireworks. Disney World is the second largest purchaser of explosives in the US, next to the government. Too bad ALL explosives aren’t used to create such beautiful displays! This was taken at the Magic Kingdom, during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Here are a few more from that night.

MNSSHP Fireworks 5 MNSSHP Fireworks 1 MNSSHP Fireworks 2 MNSSHP Fireworks 3

How to Photograph Fireworks

Vegas, On the Move
Vegas, On the Move, 6/28/08

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend. I didn’t spend nearly as much time taking photographs as I thought I would. It was incredibly hot and jam-packed with people. On top of that, I was having an awful time of it with allegeries. But I did get out with my camera and tripod one night. This was my favorite shot of the whole trip. It’s not your typical Vegas strip shot, but it totally says Vegas to me.

Day 12
Big Thunder Mountain, 1/12/08

Yup, I’m at Disney World again. I just can’t seem to stay away! This is Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. I tried and tried to get a shot with the train in it but couldn’t figure out how to do it. It was moving too fast.