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Worldwide Photo Walk, 8/23/08

On Saturday I participated in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk in Portland, Oregon. Roughly 7500 people from 230 cities around the world set out in small groups to photograph their cities and make new friends. Word has it that the event was such a success that it is now being referred to as the First Annual Worldwide Photo Walk.

Portland’s walk was lead by Laurie Excell – thanks Laurie! After photographing Portland’s cityscape, we crossed the river on the Hawthorne Bridge and moved into downtown Portland where we visited landmarks such as City Hall, Portlandia, the old Portland Theater and Pioneer Square. Here’s a link to a short slideshow of some of the photos I took on the walk. I’ve wandered that same route with my camera lots of times, but it was a little different doing it with a group of fifty some photographers! 

One highlight of my day was getting to meet Top in person. I’ve been following along on his blog for awhile. He took some great photos. You can see his, and the other walkers’ photos on this flickr site.