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Day 82 - Carousel
Jantzen Beach Carousel, 3/28/08

When Jantzen Beach Amusement Park opened in 1928, it was the biggest amusement park in the country. Sadly, this carousel is all that is left of it. Even sadder, it is currently housed in a shopping mall. I think that is why the horses appear to be in such anguish!

I love amusement parks. I grew up in Ohio, not far from Cedar Point, so roller coasters are in my blood! We don’t have any good amusement parks in the Pacific Northwest. That’s one of the few faults I can find with living in Oregon.


Day 81 - adidas
adidas, 3/27/08

Everyone knows Portland is Nike town, but did you know that adidas also calls Portland home? This window shot is from the adidas Village Corporate Headquarters on N Greeley.

Day 79 - Ankeny Square
Ankeny Square, 3/24/08

Home to Saturday Market on the weekends, Ankeny Plaza was at one time the city center of Portland.

Day 78 - Fire Escape
Fire Escape, 3/22/08

Day 77 - Convention Center
Convention Center, 3/21/08

Glass spires of the Oregon Convention Center at dusk.

Day 69 - Oregon Grape
Oregon Grape, 3/12/08

The state flower of Oregon is the Oregon Grape. I took this at the Molalla River State Park today. It was the first time I had been there. It was really nice walking along the river. There was a very brave soul water skiing – he had a wet suit, of course, but still!

Day 68 - Steel Wall
Steel Wall, 3/11/08

Located in Tanner Springs Park is this beautiful curving steel wall. It rises 12 feet out of the water below and is made of railroad rails from old train tracks in this region.

Day 67 - Day Becomes Night
Day Becomes Night, 3/9/08

Walking home from Lucca, my new favorite place for pizza. This was the view as we crossed Alberta.

Day 65 - Kelley Point
Kelley Point, 3/7/08

Sutree, Aimee and I took the dogs for a run out at Kelley Point Park. Kelley Point is where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers converge in north Portland. Tyler loves to chase his ball on the sand and into the water here.

It’s so jaw-dropping when these big ships pass by. They are so mammoth! I know the physics of it, but it still always amazes me that such a huge hunk of steel can float like that.

Day 63
Cathedral Park, 3/5/08

Named for the beautiful arches supporting the St. Johns Bridge, Cathedral Park is located in North Portland on the Willamette River.