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Tag Archives: reflection

Just a Cool Tree
Just a Cool Tree, 3/27/09

I love this tree. It lives in Crystal Springs Rhododendrum Park in Portland. I always have to take a few photos of it when I visit that park. Here’s a completely different view of it that I took almost a year ago.


Reflections of Spaceship Earth
Reflections of Spaceship Earth, 10/15/07

I won! My photo of Spaceship Earth at Epcot was chosen as Photo of the Year on The prize is 100 Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points. For you folks who aren’t familiar with DVC, it’s like winning a week’s vacation at one of Walt Disney World’s finest resorts. That’s a pretty fabulous prize for Disney World fan like me!

Completely by chance, this photo is also being published this month on the cover of a pharmacuetical journal – I know, go figure. It was also my Pic of the Week recently on another blog I contribute  to, Picture This! on the AllEars website. This photo has seen a lot of action in the last couple of weeks.

One Evening in Venice
Painting on Water, 5/23/08

This was taken on our last evening in Venice. I love the reflection on the water. It feels like a painting to me.

Fallen Tree
Fallen Tree, 4/27/08

I like this picture. It feels a little Escher-like to me. Even though I took it, I still have to study it for a minute before I can decipher what’s what.