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Nonno, 5/22/08

It’s been a year since Sutree and I went to Italy and I still haven’t uploaded all of the photos I took. I look at them nearly every day though. I can’t wait to go back.

This is a particularly sweet memory. As we were hustling through the streets of Venice, I caught a glimpse of this butcher from the corner of my eye. I stopped and stepped back just in time to catch this tender moment.


Venetian Memory, 5/21/08

I’ve been going through my photos from our trip to Europe in the spring, trying to get prints made of some of my favorites.┬áThe first that I printed are the ones from Venice. Our trip was three weeks long and we spent three days of that in this beautiful city. I love looking at all the photos, but it’s also a little torturous. It’s really making me want to go again!

One Evening in Venice
Painting on Water, 5/23/08

This was taken on our last evening in Venice. I love the reflection on the water. It feels like a painting to me.