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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Sunset on the Docks
Sunset on the Docks, 4/24/09

Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday. He decided he wanted to create a birthday tradition of watching the sunset so we went to “the docks” in New Port Ritchey, Florida. It really was quite beautiful. The tide was way out and there were about twenty or so people fishing off the dock.

Latourell Falls
The Path to Latourell Falls, 4/4/09

I am blessed to live less than 30 minutes from the Columbia River Gorge. This morning I took a ride out to the gorge hoping to get some shots of the fog before it burned off. Unfortunately, the fog lifted quickly, but I still had a wonderful time hiking and photographing some of the waterfalls. I spent quite a bit of my time at Latourell Falls, the first one I came upon.

Scenic Oregon Coastline
Scenic Oregon Coastline, 11/7/07

The weather here has been just crappy lately so my camera hasn’t been seeing much action. For this post I went looking through some older  photos in search of something to remind me that it isn’t always like this. I took this on the central Oregon coast. Now this is why I live here!